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Fire Quartz Pendant Necklace

Fire Quartz Pendant Necklace

Fire Quartz is very special in that it strengthens your positive energies to combat negative energies and purifies your aura. It's a form of Hematoid Quartz that charges your Root Chakra with the will of fire.

Viewed as a transformational crystal that blends the amplifying properties of quartz with the stabalizing properties of iron in the form of hematite.

It clears away anxiety, mental distractions, fear and doubt. It helps balances the body, mind and spirit. It aligns the root chakra to the crown chakra in return helping us reconnect with our true and highest self. It is a stone used for grounding and stabalizing. It is a powerful crystal that helps you manifest your desires and creates a smooth pathway for higher levels of consciousness to travel through. 

Fire Quartz is a strong crystal that can increase your fire and change it into pure white light. Also known as the 'fire stone' it burns away any emotional baggage from the past while simultaneously increases the quality of your inner flame. 

It fosters creativity and intuition resulting in mind expanding revelations. With fire quartz, with the light and power that is contained inside of you allows you to create whatever is conceivable with your thoughts...just takes a little effort. 

Do you feel like fire quartz is calling you? Do feel automatically drawn to it? There is a reason! It enhances your personal power and helps you channel that strength for healing. It frees up blocked energies which in turn will provide increased vitatlity. 

Fire quartz is a stone of motivation, enthusiasm, courage, decisiveness, strength, endurance, ambition, stamina, vitality, renewal, life force, and energy. 

When you are stressed or down on yourself, fire quartz gives you that spark to get over old habits and fears. It is a great tool for anyone who needs to take practical steps in achieving sucesss. 

Fire Quartz is one of the most powerful energy stones available. It has the ability to enhance personal power and self-confidence, helps you stay grounded , brings protection and is an energy cleanser.


*Pendant is wrapped in copper wire and comes with your choice of copper chain or black rope chain.


*Pendant shape: Heart

(Shape is associated with emotions and feelings of love, kindness and compassion)

Pendant size: W: approx. 30.9mm/ L: approx: 40mm

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