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Charging with Intentions

Charging with Intentions:

What does it mean when they say they've "charged" an item? In all of our shop products, we make a note to let you, the buyer, know that each of our products have been charged before being sent out to their owner. You can "charge" items in many ways, but here at Enquire Within, it is always done with positive intentions. We produce your item with full intention that when worn it provides you with the qualities necessary to have successful results. With our bracelets, we charge them by holding them in our hands and inputting our own positivity into the beads. As mentioned in our bio, crystals have their own energy and as science has taught us, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, we channel our energy with positive thoughts and send them into the product. Our second charge is when they are placed in a selenite bowl for cleansing. This removes any negativity that could have been attached to it--from the supplier that gave us the beads to the carrier who may have been having a terrible day; We understand that every little thought counts. Our candles are saged and cleansed with blessed water before the carving begins. And as we talk to the candles (yes, you heard that right) we let it know that every second it burns, it burns with the correct intentions. Every product we create is made with care because we care about your well-being. After all, you wouldn't be here if you didn't care about yours.

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